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After taking the Support supplement for a period of time, it did indeed seem to build up and begin providing me a calming sensation while also increased focus.

Jason G.

I used to just crash when falling asleep and then wake up in the morning feeling tired as if I had not slept at all. After taking TOK Energy, I now tend to drift off to sleep...


Tok Energy supplement makes me feel awake and alert all day. No more mid-afternoon crash! Even though I still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, I no longer feel I need more to get through the day.

Becky H.

It keeps me focused and helps calm my emotions. I have less aches and pains in my body and have been quicker to recover after activities.

Lee Ann M.

I noticed an immediate improvement in energy and respiratory health. Also, stress-levels are way more manageable now.

Jesse M.

It's hard to find an energy product that can ease you into a state of real focus and flow. This is that product. Whereas coffee gives you jitters and crashes you after an hour, this product gives you focused energy...


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Ingredient in Focus: Ganoderma

Ingredient in Focus: Ganoderma

English common name: Ganoderma Other common names: ReishiLingzhi Accepted scientific name: Ganoderma spp.Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst ...
Three Great Wellness Drinks

Three Great Wellness Drinks

In this article, we explore three of our favorite plant-based wellness drinks for harmony, energy, or simply to cool down. Learn more about where chrysanthemum tea, coffee and watermelon juice fit in.
Goji Berry Bread Recipe

Goji Berry Bread Recipe

Today we added goji berries to our bread! Traditional herbalist prepared goji berries to support the health of the kidneys and lungs, to benefit the health of the eyes, and improve vision.