Yoga: A Brief History and Top 7 Benefits

Yoga: A Brief History and Top 7 Benefits

Millions of people around the world perform yoga. The number is increasing rapidly due to the growing awareness of its benefits. However, the root of yoga dates back to ancient times. But it is still popular today as it helps improve physical, mental, and spiritual health.
This article will explain what yoga is, its origin, and its benefits.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that focuses on bringing harmony between mind & body and man & nature. It involves physical postures, deep breathing, and concentration to lead a healthy life.

The main purpose of yoga is self-fulfillment and getting rid of all sufferings in life, leading to a state of liberation or freedom. A person who performs yoga is called a yogi. It will help develop a more flexible body and mind.

Origin of Yoga: A Brief History

Yoga is believed to have originated in India over five thousand years ago. The word "yoga" was first mentioned in "Rig Veda," one of the four sacred texts written in Sanskrit. According to yogic lore, Hindu God Shiva was the first yogi.
Vedic age priests used the thousands of hymns and mantras from Rig Veda to perform Yoga. Later, Rishis or sages refined and developed yoga and documented them in Upanishads, which contained over two hundred scriptures.
Although yoga evolved in Hinduism, it is also a major part of Buddhism. Yoga was used to help develop the ability to meditate longer. However, you don't have to be a Hindu or Buddhist to practice yoga. Anyone can perform yoga and enjoy its benefits.

Top 7 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has an immense number of advantages. Here are the top 7 benefits of practicing Yoga:
Yoga improves your body performance
Slow movements and deep breathing in yoga helps you improve your overall body performance, including strength, balance, and flexibility. You can try yoga poses like the "Tree Pose" that can enable you to avail these benefits.
⦁ Yoga improves heart health
High blood pressure and excess body weight are two of the most common factors causing heart disease. Performing yoga regularly helps you deal with these issues, resulting in better heart health. Stat shows that only one month of yoga can reduce your diastolic blood pressure by 15 points.
⦁ Yoga aids back pain
Many doctors today suggest practicing yoga to get relief from lower back pain. Yoga includes gentle stretching that even people recovering from accidents can also perform without any difficulties. You can try the "Cat-Cow Pose," which is easier to perform.
⦁ Yoga eases asthma symptoms
Yoga improves your body posture and helps open up your chest muscles. These things encourage better breathing, leading to ease asthma symptoms. "Ujjayi Pranayama" is a basic breathing exercise term in yoga that you can perform to improve your breathing.
⦁ Yoga relaxes your mind
Only 15 minutes of yoga can relax your mind and boost up your mood. If you have insomnia problems, try doing the "Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose" before sleeping. It will calm your mind & body and will help you sleep better.
⦁ Yoga helps you reduce stress
Performing yoga only once a week can help you relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. According to NCBI, yoga has helped 52% of yogis reduce their PTSD symptoms. You can try corpse pose or savasana to deal with stress.
⦁ Yoga brings you inner peace and tranquility

Apart from physical and mental, yoga also helps your spiritual self by bringing inner peace and tranquility. Karma yoga frees you from negativity and selfishness, while Bhakti yoga channels your emotions in a positive way.
To sum up, yoga allows you to improve all parts of your life. Whether you are dealing with physical pain or mental instability, yoga can help alongside Tok Wellness supplements and products like support, our calm breathing straw, and meditation seat.

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