About Us

Our Mission

TOK WELLNESS COMPANY crafts natural, plant-based recipes to support and lift your life. Since 2018, we continue our journey to deliver health through nature by providing you access to mother nature's medicine cabinet.

Tok Wellness Company currently offers two premium plant-based wellness supplements—Tok Energy and Tok Support. Tok Energy satisfies an immediate need for increased physical and cognitive energy, to boost productivity, engage in strenuous activity or exercise, or hasten recovery from overwork or injury. Tok Support, taken regularly, preserves physical and cognitive energy to delay or relieve degeneration associated with chronic overwork or aging.

Tok products are prepared from sustainably sourced, geo-authentic ingredients. These are ingredients obtained from plants grown in their indigenous regions, harvested and processed using traditional methods that preserve the efficacy for which the ingredients have come to be appreciated by herbalists throughout history.

We believe in providing you with safe, pure recipes that are void of any fillers. The purity of our herbs is attested by a certified manufacturing plant, and re-tested to ensure there is no contamination of our product. Tok Wellness Company and its products are WADA Code and CITES compliant.

Our ingredient lists are short and recognizable - the way we believe ingredient lists should always be. You can learn more about our ingredients here.

Our Story

Our founders have spent years developing their recipes, inspired by travels globally around the world to find purely herbal solutions. We put your well-being first and strive to identify natural solutions to the most frequent of life's demands. Our founders honed their craft and started their work humbly out of their homes in San Diego, California.

The word “tok” is Cantonese and translates “to lift,” “to support,” “to hold up.” This concept is one of the fundamental components of the Chinese martial art known as Wing Chun Kuen. The founders of Tok Wellness are practitioners of Wing Chun Kuen, and founded the company to support and lift the lives of others.

Our Tok Wellness motto is health through nature, provided through pure and plant-based ingredients in simple recipes. We strongly believe in the value of nature to ones well being, and are committed to delivering solutions from nature. By providing wellness, we also believe we can help you return to and continue enjoying fitness, travel, and exploration which will further vitalize the body. It's also why we also partnered with a global leading industry manufacturer that adheres to the same quality standards and commitments to wellness that we have. This means our manufacturing has industry standard and leading certifications. We refuse to sacrifice the best product on basis of cutting price. 

Contact Us

Questions we didn't answer? Check out our FAQ. Are you a reseller looking to stock Tok Wellness Company products? Are you an influencer who wants to help represent the Tok Wellness Brand? Are you a member of the press looking to contact us? Reach us at hello@tokwellness.com or 866 - TELLTOK. We are always looking forward to expanding our network of those looking to support our mission delivering health through nature.