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Tok Wellness Company

Tok Menses

Tok Menses

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TOK WELLNESS COMPANY crafts natural, plant-based recipes to support and lift your life. Tok Wellness Company currently offers three premium plant-based health supplements—TOK ENERGY, TOK SUPPORT, and TOK MIND. In addition our supplements, we offer handmade herbal recipe TOK MENSES through our partnership with local herbalists. This recipe has been crafted specifically for going through menses and period smoothly. From assisting cramping to flow, this set of herbs are purpose selected for helping you get through your monthly cycle.

Tok products are prepared from sustainably sourced, geo-authentic ingredients. These are ingredients obtained from plants grown in their indigenous regions, harvested and processed using traditional methods that preserve the efficacy for which the ingredients have come to be appreciated by herbalists throughout history. Welcome to mother nature's medicine cabinet.

TOK Menses – Plant-based herbal powder – Menses, Period, Flow, Cramping

  • HAND MADE CRAFT RECIPE: To be taken during the period, beginning the day before and taken 1x daily for the duration of the period (3-5 days). Mix with water and shake and drink all sediment.

  • NATURAL, SUPERIOR HERBS: Panax, Leonurus, Ligusticum, Angelica, Rehmannia with sesame oil used to preserve Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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