Three Great Wellness Drinks

Three Great Wellness Drinks


In Chinese herbalism, chrysanthemum flower preparations are consumed to  produce harmony between the elements Metal, Water, and Wood. 

A strong decoction of chrysanthemum flowers applied directly to the eyes  relieves inflammation and prevents cataracts. Applied to the skin, it relieves  dermatitis. It may also be applied for maintaining skin health and beauty. The  decoction, or a wine brewed from the flowers, may be consumed to relieve  headache or restlessness. 

Chrysanthemum × morifolium flowers (Metal, Water, Wood) combine well with  Atractylodes macrocephala root (Earth, Metal), Broussonetia papyrifera root  bark (Metal), Lycium chinense root bark (Metal, Water, Wood), or Ligusticum  striatum rhizome (Wood). 

A strong decoction of Lycium chinense fruit (Metal, Water) and chrysanthemum  flowers may be applied directly to the eyes to relieve inflammation and  consumed regularly for the preservation of eye health. A tea brewed from these  two (pictured above), while not sufficiently potent to qualify as medicine, makes  an enjoyable beverage.


This morning we are pan-roasting an amazing dry-process coffee from Shakiso,  Ethiopia.

Our Tok Wellness products are 100% caffeine free. This means no added caffeine  and no caffeine containing plants. Still we acknowledge and enjoy the healthful  effects of coffee and tea, especially in combination with Tok Energy or Tok  Support. 

Try Tok Energy or Tok Support with your favorite brewed coffee or tea to  moderate and extend the caffeine effect.


On hot summer days, we keep cool and hydrated with fresh juiced watermelon
rind. We enjoy it with a little lime juice and a pinch of salt!

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