The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

In modern day society, combined elements like music and bands are a great example of the sum being greater than the parts. Individually, notes & musicians generally have a single defined purpose. Whether it's to provide a C or a G note, or to play the piano or the drums, the role is very fixed. Once put together in an orchestra or a band, the resulting combined output becomes significantly more enjoyable than any single element.

The ingredients in our supplements are very similar. While each ingredient, by its own, has its own uses and known effects, it's the art of combining them in the appropriate amounts that provides utility beyond any individual part.

Let's take our Energy supplement as an example.

Individually, both the astragalus propinquus and panax ginseng contain their own chemical properties and described effects. These effects noted come from observations when a individual is taking just the one specific. While they individually provide effects like energy, or elements like antioxidants, when they are combined the benefits not only overlap, but they begin to complement each other for added duration, efficacy, and overall support. Together, they provide a more potent solution than either could provide on their own.

Similarly to how a composer is vital to bringing order to the parts so that the resulting sum of an orchestra is as impactful as it can be, our founders combine western academic research with eastern principles of naturopathy so that meaningful traditional solutions are formed to modern problems. Not only do the individual ingredients work together for a enhanced product, but our products are designed with each other in mind for a holistic approach to support your life.

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