Ingredient in Focus: Epimedium Leaf

Ingredient in Focus: Epimedium Leaf

epimedium leaf

English common name:

Other names:
Bishop's hat
Horny goat weed

Scientific names:
Epimedium grandiflorum C.Morren 


Epimedium leaf has been used in classical herbal medicine to promote liver and kidneys health, increase physical performance, strengthen the spine and knees, support and preserve cognitive functions, improve learning and memory, increase mental fortitude, improve libido, and promote longevity.

Classic applications include:

  •     Physical and mental fatigue.
  •     Low motivation.
  •     Low mood.
  •     Physical weakness.
  •     Physical injuries.
  •     Weak or injured bones.
  •     Arthritis.
  •     Symptoms associated with asthma.
  •     Symptoms associated with poor circulation.
  •     Decreased libido.

Epimedium can be found in Tok Wellness Energy.

What is Epimedium Leaf used for?

Epimedium leaf (Epimedium grandiflorum C.Morren) is used in our Energy recipe and has been thought to improve blood flow and hormone levels as early as 200 B.C.E. Epimedium, or Yin Yang Huo as the traditional Chinese name goes, is an herb used in alternative Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat many conditions. The herb is native to Eastern Asia. It is commonly known as horny goat weed. The herb mainly targets the nerves, bones, immune systems, and reproductive systems of the body. It was commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in males. The leaf's active ingredient is icariin, which increases the level of testosterone hormone in the blood. It also contains phytoestrogen, a compound resembling estrogen, enabling the herb to support bone health and menopause.

Here are some potential benefits of epimedium:

Supports Menopause:
Epimedium fruit can help maintain healthy cholesterol and estradiol levels in the body due to its phytoestrogen content.
Supports Male Sexual Health:
Epimedium is also called natural Viagra since it can aid in maintaining sexual desires, erections and managing involuntary ejaculations.
Supports Joint Function:
Epimedium can also be used to relieve joint pain and manage knee and back joint discomforts.
Supports Bone Health:
The fruit also supports healthy bone growth and development, especially in post-menopausal women whose bones start to weaken due to under secretion of estrogen in the body. The fruit helps in curbing osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, where the bones go weak and brittle.
Boosts energy:
The fruit is also known to boost energy production, giving a general sense of well-being. In addition, it reduces lethargy and fatigue and makes you feel more active and energetic.
High blood pressure:
The fruit also helps improve blood flow and circulation and can help reduce high blood pressure.
Clinical trials have also shown that Epimedium is effective against atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the hardening or stiffening of arteriolar walls.
Hay fever and Bronchitis
Hay fever occurs as a response to allergic substances. Epimedium relieves symptoms associated with hay fever and allergic rhinitis. The fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it somewhat effective in relieving asthma. Bronchitis, the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, can also be reduced using Epimedium.

Some people may be allergic to this herb. Therefore, it is essential to test a small dose before taking the recommended amount daily.

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