Ingredient in Focus: Eleutherococcus Root

Ingredient in Focus: Eleutherococcus Root

English common name:
Siberian ginseng
Other names:
Scientific name:
Eleutherococcus nodiflorus

What is Eleutherococcus root bark used for?

Eleutherococcus root bark (Eleutherococcus nodiflorus (Dunn) S. Y. Hu) You will find this powerful adaptogen in our Energy recipe, also known as Siberian ginseng, which has been used for increasing stamina and promoting health.
Siberian ginseng is native to Japan, China, southeastern Russia, North and South Korea. The root has many chemicals that affect the brain, immunity, and hormones when used in the diet. The root has been used in traditional medicine to treat several health conditions. The medicine is prepared from dried-up pieces of the barks around the roots. 

Some of the potential benefits of this eleutherococcus root bark include:

Boosts energy:
Eleuthero increases energy production, reduces fatigue and exhaustion by increasing fat utilization, and prevents lactic acid from building up in the muscles.
Improves Cognitive Function:
The root stimulates blood flow to the brain, which helps in improving thinking, concentration, and other mental functions.
Enhances Exercise:
It improves the ability of muscles to endure exercise and increases muscle strength.
The bark is anti-inflammatory. This property makes it helpful in fighting off infections. It does this by inhibiting the enzymes that make inflammatory mediators.
Increases Immunity:
It increases the levels of antibodies in the blood that fight microbes. It also helps the liver process harmful chemical substances needed for good immunity.
Increases Blood Pressure:
The herb increases blood flow and heart rate, thus increasing blood pressure. This is beneficial for patients with hypotension.
Promotes Bone Health:
The herb is also known to increase bone density and improve muscle and bone strength, thus increasing the quality of life by enabling your bones to work more efficiently.
Manages Menopause:
Women going through menopause and experiencing symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats due to decreased estrogen can benefit from the herb. This is because the herb binds to estrogen receptors making up for the estrogen deficiency.
Limits respiratory infections:
Since it boosts immunity, Siberian ginseng can be used to prevent lung infections like influenza and pneumonia
Protects against Nerve Damage:
Eleuthero tends to strengthen neural connections in the brain associated with learning and memory. As a result, it prevents and protects nerve damage. It also reduces stress, helping restore memory deficits and impairment.
Stabilizes Blood Sugar:
The root has been shown to improve blood sugar levels, blood lipid levels, and insulin utility in people with diabetes. It can also reduce insulin resistance.
Genital Herpes:
Doctors have used the root for the treatment of genital herpes and warts.

The herb should be used with caution by patients with hypertension.

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