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Tok Calm Breathing Straw (1 ct.)
Tok Calm Breathing Straw (1 ct.)

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Tok Calm Breathing Straw (1 ct.)

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TOK WELLNESS COMPANY crafts natural, plant-based recipes to support and lift your life. Tok Wellness Company currently offers three premium plant-based health supplements—TOK ENERGY, TOK SUPPORT, and TOK MIND. In addition our supplements, we offer holistic wellness products such as the TOK CALM Breathing Straw. 

The Breathing Straw is inspired by Suizen ("blowing Zen") practiced by the Komusō Buddhists during Japan's Edo period. Suizen involves relaxed, natural breathing while playing shakuhachi, a traditional bamboo flute. You can learn more about general breathing techniques for anxiety and stress here.

Use of the Breathing Straw slows and smooths exhalation, calms and focus the mind, and steadies the heart rate, to relieve anxiety and allow lasting relaxation. Research has shown that as little as 30 seconds of deep breathing can promote lowered heart rate and blood pressure. Our Tok Calm Breathing Straw is made of 100% natural bamboo alongside a waxed black cotton chord or optional 100% natural hemp necklace.

TOK CALM Breathing Straw – Bamboo and Hemp – Focus, Relaxation, Emotional Balance, Stress Tolerance, Sleep Quality.

  • NATURAL DRUG-FREE RELAXATION: Take as many breaths as needed through the Tok Breathing Straw using our recommending 4-7-8 inhale, hold, exhale breathing pattern. This practice will develop a healthful breathing habit and train your nervous system to steady the heart rate.

  • NATURAL, SUSTAINABLY-SOURCED MATERIALSOrganically grown bamboo and hemp fiber. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

  • DIMENSIONS: The bamboo straw measures ~ 2" in length, .25" diameter, and is accompanied by a 26" necklace. Hand crafted with care in San Diego.